Wish out loud!

Let’s play…
You are 6 years old. It’s your birthday. You are getting a delicious and cool looking birthday cake, you are taking a really deep breath to be able to blow all your candles… (hahaha… like it’s hard to blow 6 candles… try with 36, dude.)
So you are ready to blow your candles, when your parents and friends remind you to MAKE A WISH – and they usually keep talking: BUT DON’T TELL ANYONE BECAUSE IT WON’T COME TRUE! (they really should have shut up.)

And that sticks. I HATE THAT.

We are supposed to dream big, go for success, be ambitious… We should have goals but we should never ever talk about it.
It starts with the effing Birthday wish…


We have been programmed not to tell what we want and this can f.c.u.k. up our lives on so many levels…
-Don’t tell your boyfriend what you want! (unfortunately, there is a very good chance that your man is not a mindreader and he has no idea WTF you want unless you tell him.)

-Don’t tell your boss what you want. (imagine, if he knew that you wanted that promotion you have been dreaming of for years. You might have gotten it. But let’s not tell anyone, that you have dreams. They might come true… BS!!! BULLS***)

And society doesn’t help either!

If you are going for it and you start chasing your dreams, they call you TOO PUSHY, TOO SALESY, TOO MUCH, TOO LOUD, TOO WHATEVER….

We grew up in a society where we are not allowed to talk about what we want, therefore people don’t know how to react when someone actually ARTICULATES THEIR WISHES.

And when it comes to your business, you can pay really high price for not sharing what you want, what you wish for, what your goal is.

So, here is a little exercise for you:

Don’t wait until your next birthday. Get a cake today (it’s Sunday) or just get any food that you eat, put a candle in it and wish out loud!
Tell the world what you want! Get in there! Be excited! Tell us the details!

I’ll start:

I WANT 297 people to SIGN UP for
FROM NADA TO PRADA – Business and Social Media Training
at the Re-Launch that starts on the 14th of July 2020.

I want YOU TO SIGN UP and I want you to share the details with your friends who you think could benefit from being part of From Nada To Prada.

Cool… It wasn’t hard.
Your turn!
I’d love if you would send me a photo with your candle.

AND DON’T SHARE THAT CAKE! You’ve blown on it! Be responsible and eat it all!

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