If you are new to my page, you probably asking what From Nada To Prada is and why do I re-launch it… What’s wrong with the original one…

Well, nothing wrong with it, but I have been studying and testing so many things… And I always want to keep you updated. I’m 100% transparent with everything I learn about business, marketing, social media.

Let’s start at the beginning.

From Nada To Prada – Business and Social Media Training was born from a painful 4 years-long journey, in which I thought I was running a business but I was only making mistakes.

Big ones.

A lot of them.

By the end of the first 4 years, I have created about 20k in debt.

But instead of giving it up, I started to learn everything and anything that could have helped me to save my business.
First, I could only afford things that was available for FREE. — you quickly learn, that if you can’t afford to invest money, you have to invest your time.

Thankfully, as I started to apply everything I have learned, I started to make money, work my debts off and started to invest into my education a bit more…

Fast-forward to today, I have a successful beauty salon with a team of 5 were I only work 2 days a week and we got booked out within 3 hours after the announcement about the restrictions being lifted. Happy Days!

The reason why I have created From Nada To Prada – Business and Social Media Training is because I have found this gap in the knowledge, what people at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey are missing.

The foundation.

Many people are signing up to business trainings that offer very high results, but when they don’t get these results, they get disappointed.

And the only reason for not getting results, because they don’t have

They don’t have the basic knowledge what they need in order to start building on and scale it up.
That’s why I have included everything from the very basics…

I call my training THE FOREPLAY to other business trainings and to a successful business.

And now, I am RELAUNCHING it, because I have so many feedback from people who have completed it… And they told be how it can be even better.


Now, it is super USER-FRIENDLY, easy to navigate between the lessons and the weeks, and CERTAINLY there is a lot more information.
(and yes, previous students/members also get access to the new lessons. – so will you, once you become a member and I’ll update the training material.)

If you want to find out more, reach out to me! I’m happy to help!

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