What is your dinner doing on Instagram?

My friend asked me the other day…
‘Why are you sharing when you cook, doing exercise or taking Oscar to the VET — like everything on Instagram? It has nothing to do with your business.’


Well, Sugar Pumpkin… (I just heard somebody using it… I loved it… But with the finger twist, like Yo! Listen to me!)

First of all: I share the exact same things on Facebook too. Let’s not discriminate Facebook, just because YOU prefer Instagram.

Second of all: Just because I’m active on Social Media it doesn’t mean that I’m sharing EVERYTHING. Trust me, you couldn’t handle my mind even if it was coming with a manual. 😜

And the third: ……it took me a while before I started to speak again because I didn’t know where to start.
It’s like bumping into your high-school friend whom you haven’t met for the past 10 years and he asks you: WHAT’S NEW WITH YOU? — Like: ‘Dude, it’s a lot to cover.’

Let’s try it anyway…

I like to think of Social Media as a big 🎉HOUSE PARTY🎉. Someone invited you, but you don’t know if you know anyone… And suddenly, familiar faces start to appear… You welcome them and get into a conversation about your mutual interests. (it happens when you sync your phone and your account starts recommending people to you.)

🍷You are getting more comfortable (aka drunk) and people start coming to you, introducing themselves. (that is the equivalent of somebody adding you as a friend or starts following you)
‘Hi, I’m Tom. I’m a friend of the host. And this is my fiance, Susan. She is a fitness trainer.’

And you say…
‘Errrrrmmmmm….. I’m just going to put that chocolate muffin down 😂😂😂 Hi, I’m Kristina/Bobby/Thomas/[you say your name], it’s really nice to meet you both.’

And this Susan woman immediately starts assuring you that she just had the same chocolate muffin and you shouldn’t be constantly worried. She starts to explain how a night out with lots of drinks and some chocolate muffins should fit into your healthy and balanced life, and:
She gives you a few pieces of advice that you swear to take into your new daily routine. (because you are definitely going to change your life now, that you have met her.🤥😂)

🌟You met her — found her social media account
🌟Got into a conversation — Started to read her posts
🌟She told you that she eats chocolate muffins too — She shows you ‘behind the scenes’ types of content from her life and you find her RELATABLE. She does things that you do. You realize that you actually like her.
🌟She gave you FREE ADVICE — You downloaded her FREEBIE
OMG, she likes me too. She really wants to help me. She helps me for FREE. And it’s actually working! She is the best. — and because it’s working, YOU HAVE DECIDED TO TRUST HER.
🌟You go to her (paid) training. — you book the service or buy the product.

She is not only ON social media.
and build her

This is what I say to the members in FROM NADA TO PRADA – Business and Social Media Training group:

🍝You can definitely post your dinner to your feed if you can make the caption relatable to your business. You can talk about anything in your life. Your family, your pet, your favorite drink, your favorite shop… Until you can make it relatable to your business.

If you want to talk about your dinner, talk about your dinner and tell your followers how important it is for you to lead a healthy life with healthy meals in it, so you can show up and be the best version of yourself to your clients.

You can talk about your family and friends, and share how supportive they were when you first started your business and how proud they are now, that you are such an amazing ROCKSTAR!

You can talk about your cup of coffee in the morning and share your morning ritual with your audience. Tell them what you do every morning before you start working and how does this morning routine helps you to be the most efficient for them during the day.


😍Let your audience get to know you. Let them behind the scenes… They are more interested in you than you think.😍

xxx, Dorina

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