To my VIP readers, here is why you should get a grip of your finances early…

Smart people learn from their own mistakes. But wise people learn from the mistakes of others.
I want you to be the wise one. Let me share my mistakes with you, so you can learn.

Here’s my note from a few days ago:

‘Today is probably one of the most horrific days in my life.
As you know, I have fucked up my business at the very beginning and I have spent the last 4 years cleaning up my mess.

But the truth is… When you’re spending your life cleaning up your mess from the past, sometimes you just roll more mess in front of you…
How ironic is that I’m helping people to start their businesses, help them not to fuck it up, yet I still couldn’t manage to unfuck mine…

It is true what they are saying: easier to keep up than to catch up.

4 years of struggle… 4 years of cleaning, counting, deadlines, final demand notices…
Working insanely long hours, helping people yet…
Today I have received a letter from the revenue sheriff.
He was at my house yesterday and he’s coming back in two days.


What is that mean?
Let’s start at the beginning…
When you’re working for yourself, and you make a €100 in your business, you take 20% (€20) and put it aside, so when the tax return is due, you have it ready to give it to the taxman.
Is this clear so far? — Doesn’t seem to be rocket science isn’t it?

And it’s not, IF YOU KNOW.

Here’s one lesson I have learned: the things THAT YOU DON’T KNOW hurt you the most.

I didn’t know that, so in the first 3 years of my business, I have accumulated over €7000 debt and I was fined with another €1000 as interest, so I had to pay back €8000. Over a long period of time in monthly installments…
Which is fair enough, you live and learn. Everyone is paying their taxes, so should I. (Well, in a perfectly honest economy one would think everyone is paying their taxes, but who am I to judge people who don’t)
As you can guess, when you have that much debt, you can’t really save for the next…

so the tax return was due again…another instalment payment agreement was set and this is how I rolled over the past 4 years… I felt extremely proud because I paid off my huge debt.
But now, something different is happening…

Tax return was due, application for installment payment was sent in, and……. DECLINED. They want it immediately. In one lump sum.

Next step:
Email exchange, my case is escalating to the collector general’s office. (I thought this it the worst place your case can be…)
I’m explaining the situation, asking them for a 5-month installment payment option. DECLINED.
I got 3 weeks to sort it out, the new deadline is the 3rd of January.

Happy fucking Christmas Bitch.
In the meantime, I managed to send them a smaller amount just to show my effort to make it work. (That’s an important part because 4 weeks later there’s no sign of the payment)
So, here I am… getting in touch with MABS, (
Money Advice and Budgeting Service which is a free service if you need help with your finances and something more people should be aware of) I have also been told to contact the ombudsman, try to work things out… -let’s not go there yet.
But the sheriff came. To the house.


What is he gonna do?
He wants the money. Or he seizes valuables.

(at least, this is what he said in his scary letter)
And apparently I have to prove it that I’m living in a rented home and that not even the furniture is mine. Can you imagine calling my landlord to come to the house to prove that everything belongs to them not me, cause the sheriff wants to take it to cover my tax debt?
How long do you think I can stay in the house?
Or if he’s taking my work equipment? How am I going to be working and pay for everything?
Is that how people become homeless?
So, I’m in my bed… trying to stay positive.
I have read that these big lessons and challenges are the turning points in life when most people give up.

I have cried this morning, and then…
I did my hair and makeup. I have recorded content for my Business and Social Media training, I have helped a small business with their social media marketing to get as much exposure as possible until their first event on the 8th of March and I made sure that my awesome group has their content and they know that I’m here to help and support them.
I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t cried that much for a long time.
I am scared and I have no idea what is coming…

Am I going to lose everything?
Am I going homeless?

Do I have to go to prison?
(If you research on Google, you can get all sorts of scary answers… it’s something similar to when you are trying to self- diagnose your cough and you end up having some sort of fatal, incurable disease – because that’s what Google said)
It’s a lot to think about at 11:30pm…

But there’s one thing for sure:
I’m gonna come out stronger than I am now.
And I’m going to help as many people as possible. Because after surviving this shit, starting a business from ZERO, with clean slate, using the knowledge and the experience that I have now is just a walk in the park.

And I am already doing it. They are businesses out there that are fully booked and still growing because I shared my mistakes and my lessons.
100% honesty, no sugar coat, 100% vulnerable.

Does this make me a fraud? How can I help businesses when I have made all this mess?
Well… look at the successful people. They have failed million times. They just got up ONE MORE TIME.
Smart people learn from their own mistakes. But wise people learn from the mistakes of others.
I want you to be the wise one. Let me share my mistakes with you, so you can learn.

Where can you learn?

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