The 3 reasons why I have decided to enter Miss Curvette Ireland 2019

(It used to be only two reasons, but yesterday I have found a third one. Keep reading to find out.)
1.) I always teach my students and clients to MOVE OUT OF THEIR COMFORT ZONE IF THEY WANT TO MAKE CHANGES IN THEIR LIVES. (I teach Business and Social Media Training for startup businesses AKA help people to live their best life while making money and doing something they love)
When I was asked to enter the competition, my first reaction was: ‘F@*k NO!’ – because it’s waaaaaaay out of my comfort zone…
I have walked on fire with @tonyrobbins,
I have swam in the Irish sea with @breathwithnail in December when it was 6°C outside using the #wimhof method…

But a beauty pageant???
Than I realized that I can’t ask my students to move out of their comfort zone IF I DON’T DO IT MYSELF. Do you agree?

2.) When I started to research the competition, the organisers, I have found one disturbing comment from a lady, who clearly has serious self image issues and she thought the best way to let the steam out if she insulted the contestants.
It pissed me off.
I want to get to as many people as possible and raise awareness to the fact, that CURVY CAN BE FIT, CAN BE HEALTHY and for the love of God, IT IS F@*ING SEXY.
So I went from size 20 to 12. And my curves are still delish…

Let’s stop criticising each other and put that energy into something amazing, rewarding and uplifting. Shall we????

And reason no3.)
That crown suits me soooooooo well…… 😂🤣😂 I have got the chance from @evelyn yesterday to try hers on. I’m in love. I have to have one.

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