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I got a message from a girl, who wanted me to buy from her some products. She encouraged me to take a look at her page (Instagram profile) and let’s chat.

Well, you probably know that I’m interested in everything new, I’m super openminded and it takes very little and I become your NO.1.FAN and supporter and cheerleader! I love supporting other businesses.

So here I am, talking to this girl, she made me go to her page and:
IT’S PRIVATE. [aka – you have to follow the page in order to see her content.]

I was like what? This must be a mistake, she probably doesn’t know, I have to tell her immediately. The poor girl is probably putting so much effort into creating amazing content, chatting with strangers to build relationships and… Maybe it’s just a small little mistake…

So, I quickly sent her a message:
Hey Beauty, [I don’t know if you have noticed that I call everyone Beauty/Beautiful/Gorgeous woman… I’m worst than a man, who calls everyone Baby. — yet, our reasons are probably the same: I’m useless with names and spelling names.]

Back to the text:
‘Hi Beauty! I don’t know if you are aware of it, but your account is private. I can’t see any of your post. I’d love to take a look.’

She replied:
‘I know.’ -and a winky face.

I immediately disliked her. — I know, I shouldn’t because she clearly IS MY TARGET AUDIENCE, who doesn’t know how to use Instagram to her benefit, but that’s not reason why I’m sharing this. [I obviously tried to help her.]

My first reaction is probably what most people feel… Her target audience.

Don’t try to blackmail me or force me into FOLLOWING you.
Make your page public, create content that I like and THEN I can decide if I want to follow you or not.

But forcing me to follow you; because you want to make me buy from you isn’t gonna work.

If you choose to use social media in order to grow your business, you have to show up. You can’t hide.
You have to create content that will make people follow you.

It’s O.K. if you don’t know how.

Every day is a school day, and I’m here to help you to create the best social media strategy to grow your business.

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