My business mistakes

Hi, I’m Dorina, Your No.1. Business Mistake Expert.

Are you wondering how does someone become a Business Mistake Expert?
Well, Let me tell you this:
I became a Business Mistake Expert because of the lack of information I had when I decided to ‘FIRE MY BOSS’ and start working for myself.
I was trained as a nail technician and I considered that it will be enough to start my business and live the life of my dreams. I mean…. I wanted to do nails. I was able to do nails.

🤷What else was I supposed to do?🤷

Well, soon but not soon enough I have learned that there is a lot more involved in starting a business and start working for yourself.
Yes, because when you decide that you don’t want to have a boss, who tells you what to do and you start working for yourself, YOU ARE ACTUALLY STARTING A BUSINESS.
I know, it might sound a bit scary…. – But don’t worry, I have your back!
When I started my business, I didn’t have any help, I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t even know who or what to ask. Few years went by while I was just winging it… And slowly but surely accumulating crazy debts.
My friends kept telling me to give up and get a ‘proper job’, close the salon and go back to work for someone else…
I must admit it did cross my mind more than a few times.

But when I started thinking of going back to slaving for someone else and just ‘do what I was told’ – NO WAY. NO EFFING WAY!

So I have decided to suck it up, start learning and TURN MY WEAKNESS INTO MY STRENGHT.

I studied anything and everything that I thought could help my business. I went back to college and got a digital marketing diploma. I have listened to webinars and online trainings from the US to Australia, I have downloaded e-books, I went to every free seminar, conference, event, meeting…. (yes, I had plenty of time since I didn’t have clients)

I was lucky enough to learn from T. Harv Eker, JT FOXX and Tony Robbins.

While I was working on my business, I have realized that I’m not the only one who’s struggling.
I was looking around my students from the previous years (have I mentioned that I have been teaching lashes and nails for over 6 years?) and I had to find out that

more than 70% of them still working at their much-hated 9to5 jobs, however, they were amazing nail techs and lash artists.

So apparently the information, that
Or it is available in million pieces all over the place and it can literally take years to find them all. Like a crazy Business-Success-Puzzle….
To cut the long story short…
I have decided to use what I have learned in order to save my business (and my butt) to help others.
The only sane reason for struggling for years and then studying for years,
if I can help others not to make the same mistakes I’ve done.
– because of the lack of information.

So I started… And not only in the beauty industry.

Because when it comes to business, you have to go step by step….

That’s why I have created my business training, called:
Business and Social Media Training
for startup businesses in the health and beauty industry

A business training that helps you to get from NADA to PRADA… 😉

✔ I’m planning to start working for myself and I want to be sure that I’m doing the right thing and not wasting money/time/effort.
✔ I have started my business/working for myself but I’m not sure that I’m doing the right thing and I need some help to save me from wasting money/time/effort.

Is this training NOT for me?
✔This training is NOT for you if you don’t like to move out of your comfort zone
✔This training is NOT for you if you don’t like challenges
✔This training is NOT for you if you like to complain and blame others for the things that not going well in your life.

Are you ready to ROCK IN YOUR BUSINESS?

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