Mind your own followers

Okay, let’s name the elephant in the room and talk about BOTS on social media. Because that account that you think is super successful and you don’t understand how… Might be using one.

Well, we don’t like them. But have you ever wondered why?

Robots are all around us…
Of course, not in a scary Hollywood movie sort of way, robots are very undramatic mechanical devices programmed to perform specific repetitive functions.
They are used to carry out tasks that are boring, dirty, dangerous or are too complex for humans.

Just think of the
=> robot vacuum cleaner: it cleans the whole house and you don’t have to do anything. [isn’t it genius??]
=> or think of Alexa… She’s a Voice-Controlled Artificial Intelligence technology. You just say her name, give her the command and she does it.
Well, she can be a bit sassy, but who isn’t?
=> have you ever flown over the Atlantic ocean with the plane to the US? Today’s aircraft are mostly robot-controlled and Boeing is already working on a 100% robot operated plane.
=> or simply, the checkout counter in your local store…

What do you think about how the advertisement is working?
A robot is tracking your activity and shows you more of the things you are interested in. They do it because you let them. When you accepted the cookies… And you accept cookies. Who doesn’t?

I personally love it… It makes my life easier because when I search for something, I know that it will be showing up on my social media, on my youtube, on Google… Everywhere.

I’m sure you have experienced that too…

I’m not saying that can’t be awkward, like when you are searching for the best and most effective multivitamin and that turns out to be a pregnancy vitamin and from that moment, your every ad is about pregnancy and maternity and babies… And the guy you are seeing for only weeks wants to talk…[you can’t blame the poor devil]

So why we don’t like them?
Well, in my opinion, we don’t like them because Instagram and Facebook told us not to like them, and when you use bots they can block you because it is against the Terms and Conditions.

I have started to research it and it has something to do with your or their API key, and you agreed or you didn’t or…
To be honest, I don’t understand half of it.

The truth:
=> There are bots.
=> They can follow accounts for you
=> They can like posts from certain hashtags for you
=> They can comment on a post for you that has a certain hashtag in it
=> They can vote in a poll for you if the account is linked to a certain hashtag that you want to target.

=> You can buy likes, you can buy followers.

Many people buy followers to get the swipe up option in stories, that you only get if you have 10k followers.
Some people buy followers because they want to look more popular than they are. (I think it’s something like the guy with the small willy who drives a Ferrari… Overcompensating the unseen with something visible.)

Before you get disappointed or intimidated by a big account, take a closer look:
Yes, they might have 17k followers.
But how many likes and comments do they have underneath their posts?

It doesn’t matter how many followers you have if they are not engaging with you.
I know accounts who don’t even have 1000 or 2000 followers, but when they post, their engagement is sky-high…

I would prefer to have 500 ACTIVE FOLLOWERS than 10k followers that don’t give a shit about what I post.

At the end of the day, you have to post content that your audience is interested in.


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