Me VS Me

Well, that’s gonna be a lovely challenge….

Me VS Me…. Few weeks ago I saw on Instagram stories, that a man I know from the gym…🤔

(Side note1: you don’t KNOW THEM know them, you just said HELLO about 200 times and you feel you know them – but you never had an actual conversation with them.)
(Side note2: B.C. – Before Covid19 – when we used to go to crowded places. And yes, I know B.C. was standing for Before Christ… But for Christ’s sake… Coronavirus has definitely made a big enough impression to claim that code.)

So I saw, that he was running in the same park where I do my morning runs… Jogs…. Walks… Crawls… — depends on the day. 😜
And you know, I share my stats from the running app, just in case people don’t believe it… 😂
Well, he shared his stats too…

Needless to say, his looked soooooo much nicer than mine… I’m twice as slow to be exact… Even slower… 😂
So I send a little message of admiration:
🥇’Wooow, this looks so much better than mine. [laughing face]’


And THAT was like a slap in the face…🤦‍♀️
But for some reason, I don’t apply it to my own life. 🤦‍♀️

It’s like… I am helping others, but I forget to HELP MYSELF.

I challenge myself once then when I reach my goal, I forgot to challenge myself again.

👉At the beginning of the lock-down (for me it started on the 20th of March) I picked up running. When I started, I couldn’t manage to run 100 meters without having an actual asthma attack and a near-to-death experience… [yes, highly overreacting itbut it felt real. Especially the humiliation.]

I slowly build it up… I walked and ran for a while… Then I managed to complete 1 lap in the park…. without stopping… Then 2… and 3… And 4… And 5… And 3 weeks ago, I have run my very first 5k.

And I didn’t set another challenge for myself. 🤦‍♀️

You can guess: 🤷 NO CHALLENGE, NO GROWTH. 🤷

And sadly, I noticed the same pattern in my business…
I put so much effort into reaching my goal, but then when I reach it, I stop.
No new goals, no next step and I just let myself feeling burned out.

☝😊And this is what I am going to change now.

Thank to the amazing feedback from the first 42 people who participated in my online training, called FROM NADA TO PRADA – Business and Social Media training for startup businesses, I have a set of new goals to reach.

😍And all of them is to make the training better and more user friendly.

What is the challenge?

👉I’m giving myself 30 days to make this happen.
👉For the next 30 days, I’m going to blog about how is the project going, how I feel and how many times I want to give up… (because I damn sure I will have days like this.)

And in 30 days, I am going to RE-LAUNCH
💎FROM NADA TO PRADA – Business and Social Media Training
in order to help thousands of people all over the world to start their business and ACTUALLY SUCCEED.

🎉I hope you will be joining me for the next 30 days and I promise, I will try to be as entertaining as I can be… 😅

💌To make sure that you get the best deal at the RE-LAUNCH, pop your emails below, so I can reach out to you when it’s time…

See you tomorrow!
Love, Dorina

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