Let me buy you a tooth

The weirdest thing a man has ever said to me, and trust me I’m in the game for a long time… 😀

We have met on a business training. He really liked me, but not romantically.
He told me all these lovely things about me, my business ideas and about my energy… And…
We were waiting for the green light to cross the street after dinner, to go back for the training and BAAAAAMMMMMMM…

‘You are so pretty. You could be really successful, speaking on stages. Let me buy you a tooth.’

If you haven’t noticed -than I’m doing a good job hiding it- I am missing a tooth. It’s a long story and it makes even longer with the current medications and blood thinners… Let’s not even get there…

Yes, I’m Dorina. I’m 36 years old and I am missing a tooth.
And a man has offered me to buy one.
Not fake boobs (well, he might have thought I’m all sorted in that area.)
Not a car or a house… Which I could actually use…

NOPE. He wanted to buy me a tooth…

Because I’m pretty, I could be successful ONLY IF I HAVE 32 TEETH IN MY MOUTH.

Not if I get more educated, not if I get more experience. No.
I’ll be successful when I’ll have 32 teeth in my mouth.

And why did I share this?

First, I want to make you laugh…
The other reason is to make you remember that there will always be someone, who makes you think or feel that you are not smart enough, not skinny enough, not pretty enough, not tall enough, not whatever enough…

And I want you to remember that I’m here and I am telling you that YOU ARE ENOUGH JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.
You are ready to get that dream!
You are smart enough.
You are good enough.
You are pretty enough.
You are ENOUGH.

Even if you don’t have 32 teeth in your mouth.

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