How much does FRIENDSHIP cost?

That’s one of my favorite topic when I’m talking to someone, because you can actually see on their face when the penny drops…

Most of the time when you start a new adventure (a new career) you kind of have to practice… Whether you are a hairdresser, a nail tech, a massage therapist or a personal trainer…

And naturally, you ask your closest friends to let you practice on them.

It’s perfect for you to start, because you have to build some confidence, you have to build a system that will be YOUR WAY of working and you have to experience some mess…

Yes, you need those friends who are going to tell you honestly what is NOT GOOD with what you do.

Let me tell you a story:
One year I visited home, two of my best friends were a bit chilly… with each other.
Apparently, one of them was doing her final exams as a hairdresser, the other one was her model for the exam.
The exam was successful, but the model didn’t like the way how her hair was cut and went to her own hairdresser to ask for a quick fix.
She (the new hairdresser) didn’t like the negative feedback.

I told her, that THE BEST thing just happened…

Your friends will be telling YOU what it is that they didn’t like.

But if you start advertising yourself prematurely and screw up with a client who actually paid for your service, OMG… Let’s just not go there…
BECAUSE THAT STRANGER WILL TELL OTHER PEOPLE THAT YOU ARE NO GOOD and this is going to ruin your reputation before the stamp dried on your business registration.

You don’t want that. You need friends who will help you to get better than you were yesterday.

But the question is…

How long do you have to give your services to them FOR FREE?

Well, that’s a really good question and I have to be honest with you, I wasn’t really great at it at the beginning.

I think it’s best if you ask your friend to be your model 3 times.
===If you are a nail tech or a lash artist, it’s ONE FULL SET and two refills.
===If you are a personal trainer, offer them a 3-4 week trial period and see what results they are getting.

After that, ask them if they want to keep coming to have your services for the full price. YES. FOR FULL PRICE.

I am even trying to stop the ‘mate-rate’ and I will explain you why.

Friends support each other. They don’t want you to work FOR FREE.
(also, you don’t get free grocery shopping because your mate is working at Tesco. Do you? — if you answered yes, I want you to introduce me to that friend. LOL )

Let’s play with numbers here… — You know by now, that I love numbers.
If you don’t here’s a video where I talk about numbers, and about how many clients do you need to replace your salary…

You are working in a job from 9am to 5pm.
You are trying to change your career and you are taking on clients after work.
You finish your job at 5pm, get home by 6pm (if you are a nail tech or a lash artist and you can work from home) — if you are lucky, you might even had a quick dinner.
If you are a personal trainer, you get to the gym by 6pm — and you definitely had dinner or a shake or protein…preworkout…. Something… You know better… 😀

From 6pm, you might have 2 max 3 clients. You go home, get to sleep and the day starts again… You might take on a lot more client on Saturday and maybe even on Sunday.

When you are taking care of yourself, you are taking care of the most important person in your business.

If you have 4 or 5 friends that don’t pay you for your NEW EXPERTISE, you will be WORKING FOR FREE 2 days a week after your full time job.

And the worst part is not that you don’t want to give them free treatments. You do. I do too.
THE REAL PROBLEM IS, that they are taking your time and the valuable appointments from people WHO WOULD HAPPILY PAY YOU FULL PRICE.

For the first few years, I didn’t know that. When I finally sat down and started to sum up how much money I would make if
===I either charge them a full price or
===book in someone else who is happy to pay me full price
I was shocked…

At one point, my friendships ‘cost me‘ almost €400 / week. That would have covered my weekly salary from the coffee shop…

So, how much your friendships cost you?

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