Day 12 – the Hungover

Well, yesterday’s post was supposed to be going out around 9pm…
But we got a text… An invitation for a drink from our lovely neighbor.

Well, I live in Ireland for almost 12 years but I still haven’t learned that it’s never ‘A DRINK’ and it is usually just one more… ‘go-on-ya, just one for the road’…

Big surprise, we got home (well, from the other side of the fence) at around 1am and… Well, let me put it this way:
Yesterday’s post didn’t happen. There was a lot of spinning (and not the one I like with the bike in the gym – the whole house was spinning),

But I have killed a giant spider in the bathroom, the one who has been threatening me for over a week.

Today I get what I deserve (a cruel hungover), so don’t talk to me too loudly. lol

—I promised that I will be honest and 100% transparent. Well, I’m not sure if this is the shit you have signed up for, but this is what you gonna get anyway.

A sneak peak into my perfectly imperfect life.

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