Cocktails and Business Made Easy

Because neither of them should be difficult.

That’s why, we are getting together with 15 PROFESSIONALS
from the health, fitness and beauty industry.

To learn something
To share something
To inspire and motivate each other
To network
To share our expertise in order to make someone’s life better

Doing this, while we are mixing ourselves a simple but delicious cocktail – hence it’s Friday.

Every week, we are going to introduce
5 beauty experts,
5 fitness professionals and
5 health business genius.

Do you want to be one of them?

Get in touch via email:

This is an invitation-only event, to make sure we have the same amount of experts from all fields. I would love you to be one of them!


Meeting starts at 1pm every Friday on ZOOM
Please ‘arrive’ with your cocktail ingredients prepared
or with your favorite drink ready
‘Cocktail of the week’ and list of ingredients will be posted prior to the event, so you can get your bits or alternative options ready.

1pm – 1:10pm Cocktail making time

1:10pm – 1:15pm Dorina’s introduction

1:15pm – 1:25pm Topic or Tail of the week

1:30pm – 2pm Business Speed Dating

All 15 attendees get the chance to introduce themselves and their services or products in a 2-minute session.

When I share the invitation for the week, I encourage you to share your Instagram handle and Facebook link in the comment session and follow your fellow attendees.