Ahhh, foreigners…

Let’s talk about languages… misspelling… mispronunciation…

But before that, let me tell you a story…
I used to work with a lady, who was also a ‘foreigner’ in Ireland… She was Hungarian, just like I am.

(I’m going to try to be the least judgmental when I’m writing the following lines, I hope you won’t misunderstand the point of the story.)

She has been living in Ireland for many years when we met and she had a son about 10 years old at the time. In my opinion, she was a very intelligent woman, however, she didn’t feel the need to learn the language of the country she is living in. She even had to ask someone else to go to the parent/teacher meetings because she didn’t understand what the teacher was telling her about her son.

Her defense was: ‘I want to see how much Hungarian do they speak.’

That’s where I usually lost my cool… I mean… THEY ARE NOT IN HUNGARY.

We came to another country, we choose to live here, LEARN THE F.C.U.K.ing LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!! It doesn’t have to be perfect! But it has to be done.
Or don’t learn it… But don’t come with that B.S. excuse that they don’t speak your language in their own country.

Anyway… I just want to emphasize that I am extremely humbled to be able to live in this beautiful country.
I am definitely privileged because I have never experienced that someone was treating me like I don’t belong…

I’m actually lying…

It happened once…

I was still working in the coffee shop, when I had to take a reservation for a Birthday celebration. This Lady was one of our regulars, she booked a table and a cake… When it was time to write her name, she flipped and took the book and the pen from me, crossed her name and wrote it down for herself… She looked at me, scanned me up and down and said: PFFFF… FOREIGNERS.
To be honest, even at the time when it happened I didn’t take it offensive because I knew that it wasn’t about me. She must have been having an awful day and I was just something that she chose to calm down on.

But my boss wasn’t this understanding. She called her back and cancelled her reservation, cancelled her cake and told her that if she is not happy with ‘a foreigner’ serving her, she isn’t welcome anymore.

I didn’t expect that, but it did feel good. And I did learn from it… A lot more than I can ever explain. It’s like someone in power stands up for the underdog. [I just leave this here and let it sink in.]

So anyway, I have been spending my years learning English and I have been always thankful for people correcting me – even in the middle of my sentence – to say it right.

But IMPOSTOR SYNDROME comes handy when you want to procrastinate… Or even when you don’t… It took me years to get my sh*t together and launch my first training. I was really proud. I even had a little budget set for paid advertisement on Facebook.

The post said:
‘Do you want to change your career?’
But auto correct happened and I didn’t noticed that it has changed career to carrier…

Now I’m laughing about it, but back then…

The one and only comment I have got was this:
‘It’s pity that you can’t even spell career.’

I deleted the post. And I didn’t post for months.

Years later I was on a seminar, where the lead trainer wrote a giant word on the whiteboard and it was misspelled. In front of hundreds of people…

And when he finished with his teaching, he asked:
‘How many of you focused on my mistakes instead of the valuable information I have given? You didn’t even pay attention to what I’m sharing because you were too busy telling the person next to you that the lead trainer made a mistake.’
He continued:
‘If you are always focusing on the mistakes, you will always see the mistake first and you miss out on the value.
If you start focusing on the value, you will see the value first.’

So I am sharing everything I know…
And I keep making spelling mistakes…. Mispronunciations.
I’m focusing on sharing valuable information that helps people.

What you are focusing on is your choice.

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