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It’s very important topic this time of the year.
Especially important to educate your clients about the autumn lash shedding, so they are not going to be disappointed or shocked and they are not going to blame you that you are not doing your job as good as few weeks ago. You save yourself from a lot of headache and unnecessary glue testing, apologizing and self-explanation if you know what is going on.

Why autumn makes our hair (including our lashes) fall out faster?

A study was published in one of the Dermatology journal, involving 823 women. They wanted to know if woman shed more hair on their body during the autumn than during any other season.

foto: www.hair2013.org/tag/hair-loss

The researchers found that those 823 women had the highest percentages of hair in the telogen phase in July. (That means we are the hairiest in July…) This is what we call the resting phase. This is the phase when the hair stops growing and is getting ready to be released or “to fall out”. The resting phase lasts around three months – 100 days.

Since the resting phase is always followed by a shedding… I think you know what I mean:

July + 3 months = OCTOBER, here we come… And here our lashes go… The more hair we had during the summer, the more we loose in the autumn.

There is nothing we can do about it. It’s nature.

Are you wondering why?

Because the Cave Women didn’t have sunscreen… This is how their body protected them from the sun… I know, You think it would make more sense if you could say that your hair grows a lot faster in the winter, that’s why your legs are hairy… But it’s not true…

So, don’t get into the crazy circle of trying to get new adhesive or different tricks to get your retention better. Instead explain to your client what is about to happen and book her refill sooner and give yourself an extra 15-30 minutes when you do the infill. ❤

I hope I helped you to get through this Lash-Killer time of the year! ❤
xxx Dorina

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