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What an influential weekend

Woooowwww…… That’s pretty much what I can say…. But it doesn’t even come close to cover it.

My best friend of 10 years – who is now my new Business Bestie ALL IN ONE and part of our BEAUTYPRENEUR TEAM – and I took a road trip to Donegal this weekend to meet another 5 amazeballs for some serious BRAINSTORMING SESSION. OMG, the energy was EXTREME. 

Sunday afternoon we had a little group meeting where everyone was sharing their stories and what do they have to offer… I’m telling you, if you were there, you’d experience all the emotions… Goosebumps, tears in your eyes, crying, happiness, HUGS (lots and lots of HUGS) 

As we are organizing our next Leader’s In Heels event – LEADERS IN HEELS Summer Edition – and our NEXT BUSINESS TRAINING (which is super secret just yet) we have decided to join forces and the 7 of Us will invite you to an afternoon where you can have your ‘Goosebumps, tears in your eyes, crying, happiness, HUGS (lots and lots of HUGS)…’ for yourself…. 

Isn’t this exciting? 🙂 

I promise I keep you updated with all the details! 
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xxx, Dorina


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