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There are many factors which can cause retention issues, but before we start blaming our clients, let’s check if we did everything to achieve the best retention.

If your client has build up oil on her natural lashes, you must pretreat them. Use lash shampoo and a fluffy brush to cleanse the lashes. Rinse them with saline solution.

Apply primer with a micro brush or lipgloss spatula (I prefer the last one) and give it a few minutes to perfectly dry.

This method will strip off the build up oil from the natural lashes and will help to achieve a healthy, tight bond between the cyanoacrylate and the natural lashes.

Use light extensions

If your client lashes just seem to ‘popping off’ but you did everything right, maybe it’s time to try a lighter set. Use 0,07 or 0,10 thickness. Always use the extensions based on the thickness of the natural lash. You can use different thickness in one set, just as you use different length. Use 0,07 on weaker lashes and use 0,10 on stronger lashes. (but follow your styling map with the length)

Check your humidity and temperature

The lash adhesive doesn’t dry on the air, it actually sets with moisture/humidity. This is called polymerisation. The glue, once it is exposed to humidity, will polymerise and get hard. If your lash room is very humid and you’re not working fast enough, you will find that the client will probably lose the lashes quite quick.
You can check what is the best humidity and temperature for your adhesive with your manufacturer and your supplier.
How do you know what is the humidity in your room?
You can measure humidity with a hygrometer, that tells you what humidity your room is at.

Now, that was your part….

What does your client need to know/do?

Sleeping on her face can shorten the lash life… Especially if she is sleeping on one side, you’ll see the difference… 😀 As much as I would love to tell them to sleep like a MUMMY, the truth is: they won’t. And to be completely honest: I wouldn’t either… I couldn’t… 😀

No rubbing! Constant, repetitive movement will loosen or break the bond and the extensions will pop off. If she is lucky, without damaging the follicle.

No soaking them… For instance, in the shower. The heavy weight of the water can cause damage to the adhesive bond.

No oil and oil based products. Ask her to check her mascara, eye liner etc… Oil will break the cyanoacrylate bond and create a sticky, thick build up at the bottom of the lash line, clumping the extensions and the natural lashes together which can lead to irritation and/or infection.

Clean the lash line daily with gentle, water based cleanser (my favorite is SIMPLE) You have to keep the lash line healthy if you want to have healthy lashes. Any build up can block the follicles from oxygen, which can lead to lash loss, building up bacteria and causing irritation, infection or even demodex mite infection.




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