Online training VS In-person training

When I first have heard about Online Eyelash Extension training, I was so skeptical. I couldn’t believe that it can be learned online…. Ohhhhh, SILLY ME…. 😃

Fast forward….

When I was teaching my students on those ONE DAY EYELASH EXTENSION COURSES, we started to realize that this is not enough. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about if you have had one of those one-day training before. The theory is way too long, way too much and you don’t really have enough time to practice either.

If you are lucky, you have an educator who is willing to help you even after the training day. But most of you aren’t. Usually these one day training are organised by a certain brand and they are focused only on their products. And you don’t get any other knowledge but the knowledge of their own product. But the lash industry is so much more than one brand. Doesn’t even matter what brand it is. It can be the best you still need to know more than one.

So, there you are, after the one day training you are a qualified lash artist and you know NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. From now, it’s really up to you how good you gonna become. But you can’t even go back and look at techniques again, because the training is over. It lasted only one day. And what now? How can you remember everything?

When I realized that my students need more help, we started to record small videos and share it in our special Facebook group, so everybody can re-watch what I was showing on the training. It helped a lot and we got some really good results from it.
The only problem was the quality. Some of the videos were not good enough because they couldn’t come close enough.

That was the time when I started thinking about how can I help more to my students, how can I be there when they need me… How can I show them over and over again what they need to see.

I came up with the idea of being an Independent Lash Educator (independent from any brand).

Why is being independent so important for me?
Because I don’t want to be told what type of information I can share with my students and what I can’t. My product is the knowledge and the experience. While branded courses want to sell their own product and their products only. THEIR ADHESIVE, THEIR UNDER EYE PATCHES, THEIR MASCARA WAND.
I would love to give the opportunity and the information to my students to search and find other product.

So, let’s start

Step One: I started to write my own notes and
Step Two: I have created my own videos to share.

I started to work on my Lash Handbook with all the details I have had in my head. I started to create training videos in HD quality. This way I can show the technique from so close,  you would never be able come that close.

The world is changing so fast and we are lucky enough to be able to use technology. The best part, is that you can watch it anytime… You don’t have to come to classes, you don’t have to travel or organise a babysitter to your kids. And you can watch it as many times as you need.

This is all about practice. If you need to re-watch some of the videos, you can do it. Don’t even feel bad about it. Some students are struggling with the application, some struggle with placing the under eye patch to the right spot. Don’t worry! 😊 You’ll get it right!


I truly believe that online and in person training has to come hand in hand nowadays. Just think about it… If you have struggle in any area in your life, you go to google or YouTube to find answers. I have been changing batteries in my smoke alarm with the help of YouTube. 😊 Seriously… Do you remember the episode from Friends when Phoebe was struggling with her smoke alarm? Now, I was exactly like her…. But thank to the internet and YouTube, I managed to change it. 😊

Click here for a bit of laugh and watch Phoebe… 😃

So many people are learning and self-educating themselves through the worldwide web.


Technology and the internet is part of our everyday life. Let’s use it to our benefit!

Join our online training today, so I can be there in your living room, in your office, in your salon to help you….  😃 😃 😃 Don’t worry, I’m not moving in… 😃

See you in the training! 😊

Xxx Dorina

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