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Online Booking System For Beauty Businesses – PART 1

When you think about ‘I have just started my business. Why would I need an online booking system?’

Well, it has its PROs and CONs… Here me out:

I know that some people prefer to talk with you over the phone because they might have questions, maybe they just like to talk to a real person and YES, IT IS MORE PERSONAL.

Don’t get me wrong, I DO LOVE CHATTING to my clients too!

What I don’t like:

When they only have a lunch break (approx. 30minutes) to organize their appointment and I can’t answer my phone because I am with someone else, doing lashes.
And by the time they have the chance to call me back, the desired appointment is BOMM… Gone.

So, instead of causing disappointment, I CHOOSE TO USE ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM.

This way they see exactly when I am available, they can pick a time that suits them the most and all I have to do is confirm it. (but this is optional too.)

My favourite feature is that the system automatically sends out reminder text and/or emails and you can even personalise them!

If you ask, why would you want to send emails instead of text? Well… Having your client’s email address is the key to your business success! — But that is going to be another video/blog topic.

Let’s get back to our online booking system.

What other way do you have to be able to register your clients?


But a diary, to be able to accommodate the details of the client, the treatment and some additional details must be GIANT! 😀

And you have to carry this big and heave book everywhere you go… That doesn’t sound comfy…

I love the fact that I can give appointments anywhere and everywhere because my phone is always with me.

I’m using simplybook.me…

Do you want to give it a go and try?

Let me know what you think about it!

Love, Dorina

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