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Hello Lovely!

How are you? I hope you are well and you had the chance to enjoy Xmas with your family and friends… Your nearest and dearests… ❤

I, myself had a super-busy-minded December, because I have been planning something BIG for Us! ❤

Yes, for me and you!!! 😊 Are you ready?

As 2018 is upon us, and I think the New Year is always special in a way that you can start everything fresh….

So, I started thinking…
What do you really need to make that amazing step and start working for yourself.


Being a Lash Artist and being a Business Woman are two completely different projects.

I can teach you how to be amazing Lash Artist, I can give you your new profession and your certificate.
But that doesn’t make you a great business woman. You still need to know a lot more to achieve your desired lifestyle and turn your new passion into something extraordinary.

How can I help you to make that change and how can I help you to get your freedom from your 9-5 job or from a job you hate?

I did a little bit of time travelling… 😃

Back to 2011. When I started to work for myself…

I didn’t know how it’s done. I didn’t know anything about business or self-employment… I didn’t have much help and even if I had, I didn’t know WHAT TO ASK.
All I knew that I will not have a BOSS. 😃 Well, that part sounds pretty amazing. Isn’t it? 😃

I have rented a corner in the reception area of a massage salon. 😊

I didn’t have much budget, so I went to IKEA, I have bought a table, two chairs and a shelving unit.

I didn’t know how to get clients, how to calculate the price of my services, how to make them return clients…. I didn’t know how to do my accounts and how to organise my money.
And that went on and on for years and years….

I have made so many mistakes and from those mistakes I have learned a lot.
Now, I hope that I can help you not to make those mistakes and make your journey a lot easier than it was for me.

If I can help you, if I can turn your transformation into a smooth and enjoyable experience; I can say that making those mistakes was already worth it.

In the next couple of weeks, I’m going to share everything what is going on in my beauty salon, where we are doing some refurbishment and getting things in order. Fresh start for the new year.

I will show you what you need when you set up your lash room, how you can make it really nice and welcoming. I have lovely Sabrina, who’s an amazing interior designer, helping me to create a lovely atmosphere in the salon and stay within my budget.

We are going to do a lot of DIY tricks, furniture shopping, placing orders to salon suppliers and preparing all the paperwork.

I have a little help with my SOP sheets (if you don’t know what it is, definitely stay tuned!!!) and the daily/monthly accountancy sheets…. I create new price list for all the treatments, with a FREE free graphic-design tool website…
I will share everything. I promise! 🙂

When we are ready… We are ready to do some marketing…. A little bit of Facebook… A little bit of Instagram… A little bit of email marketing…. Taking awesome Pictures… Editing amazing Videos using our smart phone… Creating content… And so on…


I want to share everything I know…. Because sharing is caring. ❤

Are you ready to ROCK 2018?

Follow the journey on Instagram and on Facebook

I will see you soon!!!! Get ready for the big transformation! 🙂

xxx, Dorina


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