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First of all: WHY????? 😃 – as any sane LASH ADDICT would’ve ask….

Yes, there are some occasion when we must remove the lashes.


  • Someone developed allergic reaction. Even being the most careful possible, having a patch test done and consultation and everything…..
  • If someone wants to take a break from having lashes
  • Have had them done for a special occasion but doesn’t want to have them done all the time and doesn’t want to wait for them to fall out naturally.

What do we need to carry out a removal procedure?

We will need some:
micro brushes
mascara wand
crystal bowl
gel remover
saline solution
kidney bowl with warm soapy water and cotton pads…


To do the lash remover, you need to pour a tiny bit of gel remover into your crystal bowl. I usually use the shallow end, so I don’t waste any product and it is easier to get it.

Dip your micro brush into the remover gel. Don’t use too much, just enough. You have to be careful so the gel doesn’t get into your client’s eye. (if it does, you have to wash it for 3-5 minutes with water – to make sure that there is no residue from the remover gel in the eye.)

Apply the gel remover onto the lashes with the micro brushes and let it set for 3 minutes.

While doing so, you want to make sure your client’s eyes are closed tightly.

The next step is to brush through the lashes and you’ll see some of the extensions are coming off the natural lashes while you are brushing.

Repeat the steps as many times as you need to remove all the extensions.

Remember, you don’t pull or rub the lashes, you just wait until the remover gel breaks the adhesive bond. ❤

When you are done, using your kidney bowls (or any bowl) and some wet cotton pads and wash away all the remover gel from the eye area.
When you are done, holding a towel or paper beside the face, use some saline solution to rinse the eyes. It gives a nice calming feeling to the eyes and your client is now safe to open them. ❤

I hope it helps to get you through the first removal procedure! ❤

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xxx Dorina

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