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Hello Lovely!

While we were working on this online course, I have gotten the question a lot:

How did I start lashing?!

Well, I have to be honest, I have never thought about it until my friend asked me to go with her to learn how to do eyelash extensions. She was working as a massage therapist and her and her husband were trying for a baby at the time. She wanted to learn something she could do with a big baby belly and she also could do it from home while she is staying home with the baby. So I went with her…

When my mum first saw me doing lashes, she was concerned that I’m just an alter-ego of her daughter. 😃 Before that, she would never think (neither did I) that I will have the patience to do something like this. 😃 I was pretty crazy little girl growing up. 😊 But you know, kids grow up… 😊

I was already a nail tech at the time and I really loved working for myself. Before that, I was working in coffee shops, bars and restaurants… I have been a waitress, a bartender, bar manager…. I really loved it for years but I’ve got burned out. I needed the change and loved doing nails and I was very much ready to extend my range of services.

The day has arrived, we have finally got to go to this girl who was working from home and she was and still is an amazing lash artist. We already have arranged with her what we have to order, so we went all prepared. At least I thought so… 😊 I was prepared with all lashes and adhesive, and tweezers and stuff…. But I wasn’t prepared at all to face the allergic reactions, the damage you can do, the health and safety issues……. 😃 OMG… I was there only for an hour and I wanted to run! As fast and as long as Forest Gump.

I couldn’t believe that I will ever be able to do lashes. And this was only the theory part of it…

But we still started. My friend did mine, and I did hers…. It was only a few hours…. I can’t remember how ‘confident’ I had felt, but with the best of my memory it was below 0%. I got on the train feeling I will never touch eyelash extensions again….

But when I went back to the salon, few of my client already knew that I was going to learn and they asked me to do the lahes for them. I had two friend type of clients who didn’t mind that I only practice on them.

OMG, I was so nervous… It took so long at the first time. I think it was about 3,5 hours.

But it really got better every single time. I got quicker, I got more confident…

Then I went on another training… And on another one… I was practicing a lot… I mean A LOT.
And this is the most important bit.

You can take millions of courses, you can spend thousands of euros on trainings. You can have the best or the worst educator on Earth… The only person who is responsible for your lash career is YOU. You have to put the effort in. You have to take time and practice. NO one can do it for you.

But don’t think, that you have to spend hours and hours every day practicing… Sometimes I just practice (yes, I’m still practicing and working on my skills too) between clients for 15minutes. Sometimes though I get loose track of time and realizing that I just spent 3 hours in silence, doing lashes on a piece of sponge… 😃

The best feeling is when you get carried away with the lashes…. I love it. I hope you do too… ❤

XXX Dorina


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