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will you learn online?

You can choose a beauty course (e.g. our New Classic Eyelash Extension Course) to learn something completely new or to update your knowledge. Short modules are available to help you improve your skills, set up your business, target your perfect customers and grow your beauty business.



Whenever it's convenient for you. In the Morning? In the Evening? On the weekend? Yupp, it's there for you. Middle of the nignt? Yesss, it's still there for you.




This is the best part of learning online. YOU CAN BE ANYWHERE!
You can be on a lovely sunny beach, you can snuggle up on the couch, in your office, in your salon... Anywhere in the World where internet connection is available.


Because of all the above...

  • It's convenient. You don't need to rush to class.

  • It`s always available. And when you are done with your training and are thinking 'I wish I could see how did the educator do it...' --- you can. You can re-watch all the videos anytime, as many times as you want.

  • It gives Lifetime support. If you have a question, our team in our dedicated VIP Facebook group is always there to help you.

    How cool is that?


Fill in your details and I will send you the Free Training Module.

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BTW, Do you want to know more about me? Nice to meet you my friend, I am Dorina. The founder of BeautyPreneur Academy.Watch this video:

This Online Eyelash Extension Course is designed for everyone in the industry who is already lashing or ready to start.

✓ 25 theory presentations

✓23 practical videos

✓53 pages of Course Material

✓downloadable templates

✓module quiz

✓ lifetime support



Fill in your details and I will send you the Free Training Module.

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