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Eyelash Extensions – One-to-One Trainings

Eyelash extensions are very popular nowadays, so being a lash stylist became a full profession. Whether you thinking of working from home, renting a room in a salon, want to find a job in a luxurious spa, or would like to offer mobile services on your own schedule, you want to be confident in your knowledge.

Even if you are NEW lash artists or current lash artists and want to upgrade your skills, you are at the right place.

Out 1 to 1 practice-oriented, accredited training means that you get valuable attention all day long from our Independent Lash Educator. During the course, you will learn how to create appropriate circumstances and atmosphere in your work area, how to educate your clients to lash care and so many more:

  • Health and Safety, Salon Hygiene
  • Anatomy of the eye, Lashes and the Natural Lash Cycle.
  • The Natural Lash and their function
  • Your tools and how to set up your working place.
  • Adhesive (safety, patch test, correct dipping)
  • Eyelash Extensions (curls, length, thickness)
  • Client Consultation and its importance
  • Preparation -What do you and what does your client must do before the application?
  • How to set up your room
  • Under Eye Patches (different types, how to cover the lashes)
  • Measuring the Natural Lashes
  • Mapping
  • Isolation of the Natural Lashes
  • Pick up technique
  • Attachment (attaching inner corner)
  • Cleansing, Cleaning and Keeping it Clean
  • Refill
  • Pricing
  • Budget saving tips
  • Marketing and Business Info pack