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Hello Again! 😊

Today I want to talk a little bit about my favorite disinfectant. That’s BARBICIDE.

I’m getting this question a lot: ‘What should I use to sterilize my tools/equipment?’

sorce: barbicide.com

Well…. When it comes to your metal tools, like your titanium tweezers, I recommend you to use BARBICIDE.
Barbicide is a lovely blue color liquid, what you have to mix with water to get the perfect disinfectant. It is very concentrated, so it saves you money because you’ll use it for a really long time, and you don’t have to store a lot of different bottles. 😊 Happy days! 😊
You will need a glass jar to mix your Barbicide in. You can usually get one in your local salon supplier where you have bought your Barbicide, or you can simply use a lovely tall (drinking) glass. One concern is the space it will take up on your trolley, the other is the cost… Barbicide Glass jar is usually between €10-€25, but you can get a lovely tall glass for €1.90 in IKEA. I always say to my students, that at the beginning, you don’t have to invest into really expensive stuff. Be smart, be creative! 🙂

Because you’re going to put your lash tweezers into the glass jar, you need to protect them.
Before you fill your jar with water, place 4-6 cotton pads to the bottom of the jar. If you don’t, when the tip of your tweezers hit the bottom of the glass jar, they will be destroyed. Hastala vista, Tweezers. 😃
Use the cotton pads! 😊
Leave your tweezers (or any other metal tools) in Barbicide for 10 minutes.

You should change your Barbicide daily, as the manufacturer recommends it. However, some artists if they don’t really have a super busy day, don’t use the Barbicide a lot, they leave it covered for the night and use it next day. (certainly, on your own responsibility as in this case you are not following the manufacturer’s instructions.) I don’t recommend to try saving on hygiene!

Read about the product from their own website: https://www.barbicide.com

Where can you order Barbicide in Ireland?




Have a clean and safe workplace! ❤

XXX Dorina

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