At some point in life, most people dream about having their own, successful business.
Unfortunately, only a few lucky portion of these people have the courage to follow through and make the dream come true.

Wondering WHY?

Because most people (Like I did) PROCRASTINATING themselves.
Some of their family and friends even helping them to believe that they couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to change their life…

And if you don’t have a crystal clear vision, if you don’t have a strong supporting system behind you, it’s easy to give up on your dreams.

Because we all know that:

That’s why, even though hundreds of ladies, girls, moms are dreaming of working in a job that fulfils them, a job they love and enjoy, the majority never follow through.

That’s why we, at BeautyPreneur not only give you the qualification to start your career as lash artist, but we want to make it easier than ever for you to succeed in it.
If you ever wanted to have a business where you can work for yourself and build your own dreams instead of building someone else’s… WE CAN HELP YOU!

We provide you your training, sales and marketing workshops and 24/7 ongoing support.
We will take you by the hand and guide you to your new, successful career and lifestyle.

Give me your hand…
Love, Dorina

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