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Our Story 01

Our Story

I have quiet an experience about the absolute necessary steps if you want to ruin your business and fail.

The first 4 years in my business was a complete nightmare. Failed on so many levels. But I didn’t give up. Today, I’m teaching beauty and business trainings to beautiful people and supporting them to become successful. But I don’t only talk about DOs and DON’Ts… I’ve done them all. Especially the DON’Ts… I have walked the walk. So you can trust me, I know what I’m talking about… As your No1 Business Mistake Expert, I have done all the tiny little mistakes I never want you to do …
And for that reason, me and my team are going to share EVERY SINGLE DETAIL with you, so you will be confident and you won’t fail in your business.

Our Mission 02

Our Mission

Helping you to do what you really love.

Learning something new, building a new career that fulfills you, something that you enjoy, so you will never have to ‘work ‘ again.
That’s the secret… if you can find something that you are super passionate about and can make money from it, you’ll never have to work a day again…

Our Education 03

Our Education

You can learn a profession in beauty, and improve your business skills so you can be your own boss.

Instead of spending your precious time at school, you can do it at your own convenience.
Our trainings are very effective, the short modules are available to learn a completely new career, e.g. eyelash extensions, nail art (this training is coming soon) and most important is to help you set up your business, find and target your dream clients.

Our Online Trainings

Choose from our beauty and business courses and get full support from me so you can become an independent business owner with full of confidence.

What our Students say

So much more confident that I have my certificate. We're busy lash artists!!! I am sooo happy! (with big smile on her face) Click the Youtube button above to watch her testimonial.
I didn't expect that it was going to be so easy to learn, because you are such a good teacher! Click the Youtube button above to watch her testimonial.

Would you like to have an in-person training? Let's Talk!